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Welcome to Bethany Bible School of Ministry. Let's get acquainted!
  • 10 Years of work
  • 21 Expert teachers
  • 350 Graduates
  • 35 Mission trips organized

Who are We?

In August 2013, God gave us a great desire for sharing and equipping Christian youth with His Word and the ability to embody our vision! Since then, 305 amazing young people became our graduates and are now active ministers in their churches.

We are a team whose main goal is for Christian youth to discover, get to know the Bible and be equipped with the Word of God.  We want students to strengthen their relationship with God, find their calling and become a bright light to this world! We believe that only when our hearts are ignited can we then ignite and inspire those who are around us!

Together as a family

Together as a Family

To create a warm atmosphere of unity, support and involve everyone even further, besides classes, Bethany Bible School of Ministry is full of activities, which serve to develop students’ gift, such us

  • Worshiping God together in choir
  • Corporate Student Prayers for support and strengthening
  • Small Groups for communication and keeping each other accountable
  • Two Week Trip across the United States and visiting churches
  • Mentorship for additional support and counseling for each student


  • Pavel Bondaruk

    Pavel Bondaruk

    BBSM Pastor
  • Paulina Maystrenko

    Paulina Maystrenko

  • Melanie Yaroshuk

    Melanie Yaroshuk

  • Alina Zanko

    Alina Zanko

  • Rodica Condriuc

    Rodica Condriuc

    Social Media Coordinator
  • Julia Tupchiy

    Julia Tupchiy

    Events Coordinator
  • Alex & Viktoria Zubarev

    Alex & Viktoria Zubarev

    Missions Coordinators


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